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Myanmar Tours

Myanmar Tours


Myanmar has the effects of the Monsoon in different parts of the country. Temperature varies from 38°C to 19°C; humidity from 82.8% to 66%. The ideal time to visit Myanmar is during the cool season, from October to January when the days are not so hot, averaging in 32 Celsius and nights are in 20 Celsius. However, rainfall in Bagan and Mandalay is very low, even in the rainy season.

As a whole, the location and topography of Myanmar generate a diversity of climate conditions. Because of seasonal changes in the monsoon wind directions, the country’s climate is roughly divided into three seasons:  summer, rainy and winter seasons. Summer starts from March to May, with the highest temperature during March and April in Central Myanmar up to above 110 ° F (43.3 ° C) while in Northern Myanmar it is about 97 ° F (36.1 ° C) and on the Shan Plateau between 85 ° F (29.4 ° C) and 95 ° F (35 ° C). Rainy Season begins from mid-May to end of October, with annual rain fall of less than 10 inches in Central Myanmar while the coastal regions of Rakhine and Tanintharyi get about 200 inches. Winter Season starts from November to end of February with temperature in hilly areas with an elevation of over 3000 feet drops below 32 ° F (0 ° C).

yangon climate

Yangon and surrounding climate

mandalay climate

Mandalay and surrounding climate

inle lake climate

Inle lake and surrounding climate

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