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Myanmar main currency is Kyat (pronounced as chat). Myanmar kyat currency notes currently in used are one kyat, five kyat, ten kyat, 20 kyat, 50 kyat, 100 kyat, 200 kyat, 500 kyat, 1000 kyat and 5000 kyat notes. For coins, officially there are one pya, five pya, ten pya, 25 pya (one mat), 50 pya (ngar mu), one kyat, five kyat, ten kyat, 50 kyat and 100 kyat coins. Although coins are officially in used, very few coins are actually produced and there is almost no use of coins in Myanmar.

One kyat and five kyat notes see no use in Myanmar right now and also extremely difficult to find. Ten kyat notes are usually in high demand but very difficult to find enough. 50 kyat and 100 kyat also suffer the same shortage as 10 kyat but not as severe. Some new 200 kyat notes are occasionally seen in the market. Main currency notes in used are 500 kyat and 1000 kyat notes, and new 500 and 1,000 kyat notes are routine found in the market. As the largest currency in Myanmar is 1,000 kyat note, which is roughly equivalent to US$ 1, it is very inconvenient to buy expensive things in Myanmar. One trip to a supermarket will usually cost you at around 20,000 to 30,000 kyat (or more depending on what and how many you buy). 

In the past, Myanmar government applied a rule that visitors can change their dollars into FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificate which is equal to US Dollars), and then can change their FEC legally into Kyat at the real market rate at licensed money changer shops, but now it is no longer in use.

Credit cards and travelers’ cheques are NOT normally accepted and are difficult to transact. Travelers are advised to bring US Dollars in cash (small denomination notes). British Pounds, French Frances, German Deustch Marks and other currencies are difficult to change. Bring US Dollars cash. Major hotels and a few restaurants will accept credit cards.

Myanmar currency

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