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Myanmar Tours

Myanmar Tours


While duty-free shops, department stores, supermarkets and mini-markets in Yangon offer a wide choice of products, both foreign and local with fixed prices , the real magic of shopping is to be found mainly in the well-known Bogyoke Aung San Market where shopping is fun and easy; and bargaining is acceptable. Situated in the heart of Yangon; housing 2000 shops with a wide selection of unique locally made goods, luxury buys such as precious jewelry of gold and gems, silverware, arts and crafts, lacquer ware, paintings, traditional wooden dolls, Mandalay silk, typical Shan and Kachin shoulder bags, foodstuffs, cosmetics and tailor made clothes are a few of the sought after items.

Myanmar arts and crafts mostly pure hand-made, are the best souvenirs with reasonable prices, Lacquer ware, wood and ivory carving, tapestries, silverware, brassware, silk and cotton fabric and traditional garments, shoulder bags are some of the favorite items. World renowned Myanmar rubies, jade sapphires and pearls are also available at Myanmar Gems Centre and other licensed jewelry shops.

The shops at Bogyoke Aung San Market are open daily from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm except on Mondays and gazette holidays.

Food and Drink

The basic Myanmar food is mainly rice and curry. There are numerous forms of fish paste with salad. Soup is taken together with the rice and other dishes Mohinga, rice noodles with fish gravy; and Ohn-No-Khaukswe, noodles with coconut and chicken curry, are popular Myanmar dishes for breakfast and light meals.

Fruits are liked and the main types found in Myanmar are several types of bananas and coconuts, although other fruits are available as well like the custard apple, the durian and the mangosteen.

Myanmar is also a country of seafood. Crabs, prawns, lobsters and other shellfish are among the popular dishes available at most Myanmar and Chinese Restaurants in Yangon and in other parts of the country.

Typical Myanmar Restaurants serve both meat and vegetable dishes. Most restaurants in Myanmar serve Chinese and Indian food. Other Asian food includes Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Singapore-style. European food is served mostly at the hotels and there are a couple of restaurants in Yangon serving Italian food.

Green tea is drunk all day and is usually served weak and lukewarm (tepid). Myanmar is a country of tea shops and there are several fast food centers and snack bars in Yangon and Mandalay.


Film &Photography

In a country as photogenic as Myanmar many photo enthusiasts realize long before the end of their journey that they didn’t bring along enough films. 

Nowadays that is not a problem anymore as supplies can be replenished in most places where tourists congregate. However, in some cases it might be difficult to get a special film or the films on sale are expired. So it might be a better idea to bring a sufficient supply of films. 

Generally the Burmese do not have any objections against being photographed. However, courtesy commands to obtain the 'victim’s' approval. Many pagodas charge a minimal fee for cameras; video cameras might be a little more expensive. Some museums restrict photography. It’s not a problem any more to bring along video cameras.

You should also notice that photography in airports, railway stations and near any military installation is forbidden.

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