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Myanmar Tours

Myanmar Tours

Myanmar attractions

Myanmar's attractions lie largely in the area of the spiritual. Temples, pagodas and historical sites boasting so many attractions that it would be impossible to take them in during a single visit. With friendly locals, a tropical climate, cheap transportation and truly awesome sights, Myanmar is a fascinating and bewitching destination.

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Kachin state Chin State Rakhine State Ayeyarwaddy Division




Kachin stateMyitkyina
Myitkyina, situated in the northern part of Myanmar, is the capital of Kachin State which produces the best jadeite in the world. It is a cool and pleasant hill station. One of the best times to visit Myitkyina is in January when the Manao Festival is annually celebrated on 10th January. It showcases unique costumes and dance san ceremonies of the 7 tribal subgroups. There are direct air-links connecting from Yangon and Mandalay. Flights from Yangon to Myitkyina take about two or half-hours. Flight from Mandalay to Myitkyina takes about one hour and 5 minutes. There are also regular express train runs across the countryside's.


Puta-O, the nearest town to the base camp for climbing Mt. Khakhaborazi (5889 meters), is the highest mountain in Myanmar and in Southeast Asia. It has cool climate and many varieties of citrus fruits grown in the orchards. Visitors can get there by direct flight from Yangon (about three hours) or from Mandalay (about two hours).


Myit sone in Myanmar means the confluence which here implies that of Mekha and Malikha rivers, which join to become the famous Ayeyawaddy River, where you can have nice view and good breeze. The place itself is scenic and has long been a favorite site of visit for the Myanmar people.



Chin state mapChin State is situated on West Part of Myanmar, close to India, Sagaing Division, Magwe Division, Rakhine State and Bangaldesh. The area is 13097 sq miles with the population of 0.5 million. The majorities are Chin and minorities Mayo, Khami also live there. The Capital is Haka. Chin State attractions include Mount Victoria and Shwebontha Pagoda. This hill region with a moderate climate can be a peaceful stopover for tourists to enjoy the picturesque settings. From Southern part of the state you can go by car from Magwe or Bagan and the Northern part you can go from Sagaing by car.



Rakhine State is the coastal region situated in Western part of Myanmar and sharing boarders with Chin State, Magwe Division, Bago Division, Ayeyarwaddy Division, Bay of Bengal and Bangaladesh. It is on the North Latitude between 17 degrees 30 minutes and 21 degrees 30 minutes, East Longitudes between 92 degrees 20 minutes and 94 degrees 50 minutes. Rakhine state mapThe total area is about 2.5 million with the population of 3 million. Rakhine people live there with Myanmar, Chin, Kami races. The main capital is Sittwe.


Boasting 3km of palm-fringed sands on the beautiful Bay of Bengal., about 40 minutes flight from Yangon up to Myanmar's west coast lies the slowly awakening beach resort of Ngapali beach – the premier beach destination in Myanmar. Here golden sand beaches, palm trees, and the clear green waters of the Bay of Bengal create an idyllic and relaxing environment. The few hotels currently in operation offer attractive accommodation in all categories. And although "quiet" is the watchword for Ngapali beach, there are still a few windsurfers and sailboats for hire. Bicycles can also be rented for sightseeing on the quiet roads to the nearby fishing villages. Or a small boat can take you just off shore where you can observe the local fisherman at work. In the evening, after the sun has slipped gracefully over the horizon, the beautiful night sky fills with bright stars and a romantic tropical moon.



ayeyarwaddy mapAyeyarwaddy Division is situated in southern part of Myanmar and close bolder to Bago Division, Yangon Division, Amadaman Sea, Bay of Bengal, Rakhine State. The total area is 13567 sq miles and the population is 6.5 million. It is the most populated division in whole of Myanmar. Myanmar and Kayin people are settle in southern coastal place few Rakhine people live. Pathein is the capital of Ayeyarwaddy division. The main Ayeyarwaddy River with other streams flow into Bay of Bengal the major agriculture producing place. 


Ayeyarwaddy division is good for travel by boat because there are many streams. Also road and air travel is possible. Express buses run daily. Count on about 4 hours traveling time from Yangon. Interest places are Maw Tin Soon Pagoda, right on top of the cape which is called Maw Tin Soon (Cape of Negrais). There are sea beaches like Ngwe Saung Beach and Chaung Tha Beach to relax.


Pathein has a few outstanding features such as its handsome colonial buildings, some of which are over 100 years old. Pathein is still an important port of call for ferryboats carrying passengers or cargo plying between Yangon and the northern and eastern parts of Myanmar. Visitors can get there by road or by riverboat down the Pathein River across the Ayeyarwady Delta to Yangon via the Twante Canal. There are a number of churches, apart from the usual pagodas. The red-and-white-brick St Peter's Cathedral was built in 1872. The most important pagoda is the Shwemokhtaw Pagoda, all aglitter with inlaid mirrors. The other two are the Tazaung and Thayaunggyaung Pagodas. Pathein is also noted for its umbrella-making cottage industry. Practically every household in the village is engaged in producing these umbrellas used only by monks.


Ngwe Saung Beach lies in the west of Pathein, the capital of Ayeyarwaddy Division .It is a most recently developed beach resort, conveniently located within 5 hours drive from Yangon. One can enjoy the wide range of sports and recreation facilities, health spa, cascading swimming pool and landscaped gardens.


Chaung Thar Beach lies in the south west of Pathein. It is a beautiful beach with silver sands, pristine green sea, flanked by palm trees. Surfing in the sea and riding on the bullock-cart along the beach is an unforgettable experience.


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