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Myanmar Tours

Myanmar Tours

Myanmar Special Tours

Myanmar is a strange country, where you can discover yourselves along with exploring the local treasures and cultural values. With the tours designed differently from normal ways, go further here and travel differently there, the Threelanders wish to make your holiday a discovery with more brilliant colours, more exotic feelings, and unforgettable impressions.


Route Route: Yangon - Golden Rock - Mandalay - Bagan - Yangon - Chwang Tha Beach - Yangon.

Duration Duration: 12 days - 11 nights  

feature Features: Very suitable to couples and who wish to enjoy each place utmost instead of a glance look, plus an absolute hideaway at the beach.

Bagan Burma

Route Route: Yangon - Golden Rock - Yangon - Bagan- Yangon - Chwang Tha beach - Yangon

Duration Duration: 08 days - 07 nights

feature Features: If you have just a week and wish to visit the best of Myanmar but concentrate in discovery at each place, then have some time to relax at a beach getaway, this tour may match your expectation. Very suitable to couples and families.

Burma People

Route Route: Yangon - Golden Rock - Mislaying - Hpa an - Bago - Yangon

Duration Duration: 08 days - 07 nights

feature Features: Spending more time in a particular area with less moving and more contacting with the locals is obviously a good trend. If you do not wish to fly and pack all the time - a compulsory inconvenience when we visit “the big five” of Myanmar - let’s focus in the surrounding of Yangon, spend no time for domestic flights, and you will get a great chance to enjoy the normal life of the Burmese utmost. 

Inle Lake

Route Route: Yangon  - Mandalay - Bagan - Inle Lake - Yangon

Duration Duration: 08 days - 07 nights 

feature Features: With the system of Mekong and Irrawaddy rivers crossing the country, Myanmar obviously offer great chance for river cruise. Let’s get out of normal paths and try this luxury services, we will both have great leisure on board, and have time to enjoy normal life of Myanmar people from different cultural regions of the country.

Children Face Paint

Route Route: Yangon  - Kyaikhtiyo - Bagan - Mandalay - Yangon

Duration Duration: 09 days - 08 nights 

feature Features: Alike and different from other Asian countries, Myanmar offer great opportunities for pictures. Charming and ancient pagodas, incomparable landscape, great taste of normal people, colorful houses, sunshine, all make Myanmar top exotic photographical point that you should not miss in your world journey. 

Elephant Riding

Route Route: Yangon  - Golden Rock  - Bago - Bagan - Mandalay - Yangon - BKK - Luang Prabang

Duration Duration: 13 days - 12 nights 

feature Features: Experience a solemn pilgrimage tour in Myanmar, the land of Buddha with thousands ancient golden plated Buddhist temples, intermingle with the Burmese people in their peaceful life, and end up with a memorable New Year in Laos during the Water Festival.

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